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Thursday, January 1

An introduction

Hello everyone and welcome!

See that girl reading in the corner when there’s this massive party going on in the same room? That’s me. Pat, the book addict. The girl who keeps a book with her at all times. The girl who is constantly turning page, after page, after page, eager to find out the next dystopian universe or the next heartbreaking romance. The girl who always tries to insert books in a conversation. The girl who has an Instagram account… for books. Well, I think you see the picture.

The Book Spine is going to be my sanctuary – outside the pages of a book. I’m hoping to share with all of you my passion for these gorgeous objects who tell incredible stories, as I am equally hoping to hear (or better yet, read) your experiences, and thoughts, and wishes when it comes to books. As readers, we’re never alone – and it’s always amazing to find other people who love books in the same way you do. I’m here to share that passion with all of you… and hopefully, you will all do the same with me.


Natalie Hearts Books said...

What a lovely introduction (and blog design):-)

I look forward to reading your future posts.

Natalie @ Natalie Hearts Books

The Book Spine said...

Thank you Natalie! And it's so good to have you here!

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