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Sunday, January 4

Debut Author Challenge 2015

I should stop – I should literally stop but I can’t as I keep finding cool reading challenges online. This time, and I swear it will be my last one, I have decided to join a Debut Author Challenge. I don’t read many debut authors but I’ve noticed that throughout the years more and more have been taking part in my TBR or wishlist – which is why I simply couldn’t resist this one.

The Uncorked Thought’s 2015 Debut Author Reading Challenge is hosted by Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts and basically consists of reading as many debut books as possible. There are four levels: 1-9 Bronze Reader, 10-19 Silver Reader, 20-29 Gold Reader and 30+ Platinum Pro-Reader. I’m going for Silver in the hopes of reading a minimum of 10 debut author books.


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